Textbook Ordering Terms and Information

  1. If you are enrolled in a class and it does not appear on our Comparison Shopping Page, we have not received a textbook order for that class yet. Information for the class will appear as soon as we receive the textbook order from the department.

  2. We will make every effort to fill your order as placed. If USED copies of your books are not available, we will automatically substitute NEW copies to ensure no delay in acquiring your course materials. The total amount charged to your card will reflect the changes.

  3. UPS Shipments: UPS Ground is our standard shipping method. Next day delivery is not guaranteed.

  4. In-Store Pickup: You have until the end of the second day of class to pick up your order, if your order was placed prior to the first day of class. After the first day of class, you have 3 days after receiving your shipment confirmation to pick up your order.

Please call us at (314) 516-5727 or email if you have any questions. umsltritonstore@umsl.edu